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Genetic Bank


For up-to-date information on the Genetic Bank, please go to separate web pages of the National Animal Genetic Bank. A sample database is also available there.




The main aim of the National Animal Genetic Bank (NAGB) is to form a comprehensive collection of tissue samples of wild Czech vertebrates and to provide a widely accessible database of these samples. Samples from research projects and museums will also be included in the database. The samples will be made available for genetic research, and especially for conservation genetics and genomics studies. The collection will enable the assessment of genetic variation in populations, migration rate and connectivity of populations and determination of local adaptations. The main advantage of maintaining a permanent genetic collection, however, is the availability of samples covering a long period, thus allowing studies of genetic diversity over time, which may reveal possible causes of declines in genetic diversity if species become endangered in the future. Genetic Bank samples will also be available for any other genetic research. In many cases, therefore, there will be no requirement for field sample collection or sampling of living individuals as Bank samples will be available.


Study visit to Global Genome Biodiversity Network, Berlin, Germany

In connection to BIOM project, study visit to Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN), Berlin, Germany was realized on 14-18 June 2015. Employees of Institute of Vertebrate Biology Biology, the Czech Academy of Sciences (Dr. Petra Hájková a Dr....


Study visit to Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway

In connection to BIOM project, study visit to one of the largest wildlife genetic banks, the DNA Bank in Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway was realized on 31 August – 5 September 2015. This institution is a partner of our project financed from...


Working visit of Norwegian partner in the Czech Republic

In connection to BIOM project, two Norwegian colleagues from Natural History Museum (NHM), University of Oslo (our project partner) visited our institutions on 17.–22. 11. 2015. Curators of NHM DNA Bank Prof. Arild Johnsen and Dr. Lars Erik Johannessen presented...


Mohelský Mill Genetic Bank Facility – Building Approval

After a three-month reconstruction of the Genetic Bank Facility, an occupancy permit to use the building was issued on 13th November 2015. More about the facility and the reconstruction process can be read...



Genetic Bank has new web pages

Separate web pages of the National Animal Genetic Bank are in operation since 2016. Up-to-date information on the genetic bank is published there. A sample database, which can be used to find information about vertebrate genetic samples deposited in Czech institutions...





Introducing of genetic bank to colleagues from IVB ASCR

Gene Banks was presented to all colleagues from IVB ASCR 16.10 during the meeting of the Board of the Institute. The bank was presented in a lecture and during subsequent individual visits.