Podpořeno grantem z Islandu, Lichtenštejnska a Norska | Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

How were .. ?


How was first excursion?

On Friday, 1.5 It was raining since morning and even thermometer showed no enjoyable value. Still, at 9 am met all 28 registered participants of spring excursion in the parking lot of Mohelenska hadcova steppe. Because it was cold, we did not see unfortunately ground...


How was second excursion?

This time the weather forecast was unfavorable for field excursion, but fortunately prediction came out and we could enjoy excursion to the upper edge of the steppe, and during the descent to the river Jihlava. Due to the presence of guards we've seen insects and...


How was third excursion ?

Dry summer affected our program of autumn excursion , thanks to the dry steppes and surrounding woods, we had to change the program and not to make the walk across the steppe with mycological program. Thanks to this, we were able to spend more time with other selected...

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