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The last project day BY OWN EYES

On 1st June (International Children's Day) at the Mohelno Serpentine Steppe there was held the last project day „On own eyes“. The event was attended by pupils of 5th grade of elementary school Velka Bites and elementary school Křoví.The excursion was led by lecturers Helena Prokesova and Martin Valtera.

The excursion started as usual at the prospect of Mohelno serpentine steppe, where pupils learnrd basic information about this unique area and why this area is so unique. They learned to recognize different plants, which will then verify the contest. Especially plant in Czech “Kavyl” with Y after V caught their attention. Meanwhile, as one group recognized the flower, the second observed a bit further ground squirrel. Although the group of students was numerous and the steppe was cut at that moment, ground squirrels showed „ in their whole beauty“.Then the whole group continued to walk down to Mohelský mill and there was a short break for lunch. Along the way, we saw or heard a few different species of birds. After a short break excursion continued by hunting of aquatic insects in the river Jihlava and according to it by determining water purity.

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