Podpořeno grantem z Islandu, Lichtenštejnska a Norska | Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

Presentation on the BIOM project and Genetic Bank – a workshop held on 12 February 2015 in Brno

The BIOM Project, together with the National Animal Genetic Bank, was introduced at a special workshop held at the ‘Zoological Days’ Conference in February 2015 in Brno. ‘Zoological Days’ is the largest zoological conference in the Czech Republic (this year hosting around 470 participants) and the workshop is considered the official launch of the project. We take this opportunity of thanking the conference organisers for finding space for our workshop in their busy schedule. The workshop itself was attended by representatives of the science faculties of several universities, museums, several zoos, the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, the Forests of the Czech Republic and others. Upcoming educational events were presented to both university students and professors, while others discussed the future arrangement of the Genetic Bank. As a result, we had offers of support from scientists, zoologists and conservationists. We thank all the participants for expressing their opinions.