Podpořeno grantem z Islandu, Lichtenštejnska a Norska | Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

How was first excursion?

On Friday, 1.5 It was raining since morning and even thermometer showed no enjoyable value. Still, at 9 am met all 28 registered participants of spring excursion in the parking lot of Mohelenska hadcova steppe. Because it was cold, we did not see unfortunately ground squirrels who live at biotope in the upper part of the steppe. During guided walks toward the mill, we watched the birds, who were active in the rain and especially we were informed about spring plants typical for steppe. Thanks to the attractive talk of lecturer J. Roleček became botany very informative and fun part of the event.

At the mill, herpetology lecture was held under the guidance of an instructor V. Gvoždík. Samples of trapped animal around Mohelsky mill was also very attractive. - this part took place more under the roof because of bad weather, but participants saw everything important and attractive. Thanks to a short pause in rainy weather we was able to catch large numbers of birds, most of which is typical for the neighborhood of Mohelsky mill and lecturer V. Javůrková was able to demonstrate ringing of birds and joined a lot of knowledge not only about their ecology, she also talked about the research that was done on birds at IVB.

Excursion then ended by the lecture of Assoc. Prof. J. Bryja about biodiversity in one of her "hot spots" in Africa, and also about the research on which are also involved scientists from IVB in Africa. Subsequently was projected a film about the expedition of our researchers in Ethiopia.

We would like to thank to all excursion participants that despite the bad weather came together with us and spend a wonderful and informative day in the great nature. We are looking forward to see you at some of the next events.

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