Podpořeno grantem z Islandu, Lichtenštejnska a Norska | Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

May project days 2016 BY OWN EYES

At the beginning of May on Mohelno Serpentine Steppe there were held two project days for secondary schools called BY OWN EYES which were attended by students from Grammar school Jihlava and Grammar school Havlickuv Brod. A total of 64 students participated in these excursions. 

The first excursion under the leadership of Ales Bajer and Helena Prokesova was geological-botanical. Unfortunatelly, the weather wasn’t very favourable, however students learned a lot of information about flora and many interesting things about bedrock serpentine steppe and other rocks in the river Jihlava. Because flora is narrowly connected with the bedrock, students found out many interesting botanical-geological links. 

The second excursion led by Samuel Lvoncik, Martin Valtera and Radka Polakova was botanical-zoological. Students tried out how to make phytocenological shot, learned a lot of information about the flora, not only Mohelno Serpentine Steppe, but the whole Czech Republic. Furthermore, they fished in Jihlava River and determined the aquatic insects. During the excursion they also saw ground squirrels.