Podpořeno grantem z Islandu, Lichtenštejnska a Norska | Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

May project days 2015 BY OWN EYES

At the beginning of May on Mohelno Serpentine Steppe there were held three project days for secondary and primary schools called BY OWN EYES which were attended by students from school Farmeko Jihlava, Grammar school Brno and elementary school Velka Bites. A total of 74 students participated in these excursions.

The first excursion under the leadership of Samuel Lvoncik and Radka Polakova was a botanical-zoological. Students tried out how to make phytocenological shot, learned a lot of information about the flora, not only Mohelno Serpentine Steppe, but the whole Czech Republic. Furthermore, they fished in Jihlava River and determined the aquatic insects. During the excursion they also saw ground squirrels.

The second excursion under the leadership of Tereza Kralova and Radovan Smolinsky was focused ornithological-herpetological. Unfortunately for us the weather was not very favourable and no reptiles on Mohelno Serpentine Steppe have been seen. But the situation was foreseen and R. Smolinsky had captured reptiles in advance, so the students saw live reptiles. Students also learned to recognize bird calls. Capture of birds "to vote" was carried and four different species were captured.

The third excursion led by Ales Bajer and Radka Polakova was geological-zoological. Because this day was beautiful weather, students saw a rare type of green lizards, also ground squirrel, learned many interesting things about bedrock serpentine steppe and other rocks in the river Jihlava.