Podpořeno grantem z Islandu, Lichtenštejnska a Norska | Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

Project partners

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science
The Research group of dr. Michal Vinkler from Biodiversity Research Group of the Department of Zoology, Charles University, is included as a partner in the project. The group focuses on biodiversity research, both at the molecular/genetic and organism levels. Being part of a university, the Biodiversity Research Group has access to many students and researchers that are able to contribute to the fulfilment of the research and popularisation aims of the Genetic Bank. What is more, they will be able to make full use of the Bank’s potential for research and biodiversity conservation. As such, this project benefits Charles University not only through the creation of an important collection of research/conservation genetic samples but also involves many of its students in biodiversity research. Charles University will participate at fulfilling the project aims related to establishment of the National Animal Genetic Bank and together with the Institute of Vertebrate Biology will aim to continue operating the Bank over the long-term, i.e. after the BIOM project has finished.

Contact details:
Address: Albertov 6, Praha 2, 128 43, Prague, Czech Republic
VAT Registration number (IČ): 00216208

Statutory representative: Professor RNDr. Bohuslav Gaš, CSc.
Tel. +420 221 951 120, E-mail – dekan@natur.cuni.cz

Contact person: RNDr. Michal Vinkler, Ph.D.
Tel. +420 221 951 845, E-mail – michal.vinkler@natur.cuni.cz


Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway
The Natural History Museum forms part of the University of Oslo, the largest and oldest University in Norway. The Natural History Museum holds Norway’s most comprehensive natural history collection, with selections of its collection on display to the public in the Geological and Zoological Museums. The museum is very active in biological and geological research and education. In addition to its traditional collections, part of the museum comprises the Natural History Museum DNA Bank, a genetic bank that includes both tissue and DNA samples from vertebrates, invertebrates and plants. This DNA bank is the largest non-human DNA bank in Norway and includes samples from all biological research projects of the museum. Though its main focus is on Norwegian, Nordic and Arctic fauna and flora it also houses samples from other parts of the world. The collection includes more than 50 000 plant samples, 40 000 avian samples, 250 000 fish-scales and 2500 insects. One of the goals of the DNA Bank is to cover all Norwegian taxa, with an emphasis on rare, threatened or otherwise valuable species. The main role of the Natural History Museum in the BIOM project will be the provision of experience and knowledge when establishing and operating the BIOM Genetic Bank.

Contact details:
Address: PO Box 1172 Blindern, 0318 Oslo, Norway
VAT Registration number (IČ): 971035854

Statutory representative: Dr. Fridtjof Mehlum,
Tel. +47-95 827 782, E-mail – fridtjof.mehlum@nhm.uio.no

Contact person: Professor Arild Johnsen,
Tel. +47-22 861 860, E-mail – arild.johnsen@nhm.uio.no

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